Southern Utd women tackle future without Parle

Terry Parle at Logan Park yesterday as he prepares to coach the Southern United women’s team in...
Terry Parle at Logan Park. Photo: Peter McIntosh

How the Southern United women's football team will move on from the dumping of coach Terry Parle will be discussed at a team meeting next week.

Parle, who took the Southern United women to their first trip to the playoffs, was axed as coach after he presented ideas to improve his team that would move them towards having parity with the organisation's men's side.

The coach was told his expectations, including the operational and financial realities, were not aligned with that of Football South, he said.

Following the fallout from Parle's dismissal, Football South quickly moved to call a meeting of last season's playing group.

Players unhappy with Parle's exit from the team will get a chance to air their concerns at the meeting, which will be held next Friday.

"The meeting is to get the players together and just answer any questions, hear their concerns and outline what we feel is a positive plan moving forward and really just get ready for the season and make sure the players are comfortable with that.''

Football South CEO Chris Wright hopes the concerns players have about the team and its coaching situation could be kept in-house.

"The reason for the meeting is that there is obviously a situation going on and I don't want to have back and forth through the media with players or Terry.''

Wright issued a letter to last season's team, which was obtained and published by Stuff, and admitted Parle's dumping would come as a surprise to the players.

"While this decision may come as a surprise to many of you off the back of last season, I'd like to reassure you that this is the right decision for the club and for you as players.''

"While there are clearly differences of opinion from the parties involved, and we would love to respond to what we feel are unfair comments around parity and support that we have been planning for the upcoming season, we will not get into a media back and forth over any comments Terry or other parties have made.''

Parle said he had received an outpouring of support following his dumping.

"The reaction of the players is one of sadness and disappointment from the fact we are not going to continue the start we have had with the girls next year.''

"I have literally had hundreds of messages of support and phone calls and texts and of course social media has gone mad and people just don't understand it.''

Parle's downfall may have started at a meeting with Wright in April where went in to rally for support for his players.

"One of the concerns I had had is that the girls had said they had been made lots of promises and nothing had ever eventuated,'' Parle said.

A letter of intent for the upcoming season was formulated at the meeting under the provision the Football South was budget was ratified at its AGM, he said.

After the AGM Parle sought clarification on the exact budget his team would be working with and was told he would receive a reply in ten days, Parle said.

Instead, 14 days later the coach received a phone call to say he was not wanted, he said.

Parle disputes that his plans for the team were expensive or outrageous.

"We are realistic it is not endless money pit.''

"I would have been happy to work with them to see what we can and can't do.''

Parle estimates his plans would have cost Football South $10,000. 

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