Academy looking ahead to new start next year

The Dunedin Gymnastics Academy (DGA) will start afresh in its Vogel St gymnasium next year as the cleanup from the discovery of asbestos is completed.

The DGA was forced to permanently abandon its Willis St gym in late May when asbestos contamination was discovered, but received a double whammy when traces of asbestos were found on some surfaces at the Vogel St gym in September.

The academy hoped to be back in at the end of October, but the clean-up has taken slightly longer than planned.

''We've got Southern Insulation in the building at the moment, doing their commercial clean to remove any chance of asbestos being in there,'' DGA president Louise Taylor said.

''That's nearing its end so we'll be in back in for the start of the 2017 year.''

The academy is turning the delay into a positive over the next month.

''We're taking the opportunity once it's done to do a full paint and tidy-up and do some repairs and re-organise the layout to make programmes work a little bit better.''

The latest testing for asbestos conducted this week was all clear. The final results will be available in the coming days.

''So we'll be back up and running for term one,'' Taylor said.

''We'll probably hold holiday programmes in mid-January then go from there.''

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