Masters Games: Supporters having a hoot

Toowoomba Football supporters ‘‘The Hooters’’ encourage one of their teams at Logan Park...
Toowoomba Football supporters ‘‘The Hooters’’ encourage one of their teams at Logan Park yesterday. Front row, from left: Val Scarff (54), Donna Rouse (53, obscured) and Janet Jarvis (52). Back row from left: Jenny Neels (51), Chris Mills (62), Kerry...

The Toowoomba Supa Oldies packed a little bit extra for the trip across the Tasman - a large arsenal of small but very loud instruments wielded with endless enthusiasm by "The Hooters''.

The Hooters, in case you were wondering, are a band of boisterous supporters hellbent on having a fantastic time while in Dunedin for the Master Games and not afraid to blow their own trumpets - or horns or bugles for that matter.

You see, the Supa Oldies are not your average masters football team.

They are more of a benevolent travelling army who arrived in the city en masse.

There are 42 of them in all and that includes two men's teams, their own paparazzi - a woman called Lorraine Robinson who has also shelled out some coin to sponsor the team - and The Hooters, of course.

The Hooters' ringleader is a mischievous women called Chris Mills, who said she was 62 years of age and claimed the invasion was all just a bit of fun. Hmmm.

Tell that to the Highgate Hobbits. Not only did they have to suffer through a 2-0 loss to the Supa Oldies junior team in the 35-plus grade, but they had to put up with some good-natured humour from the sideline.

"We've come here to support our guys and it is all about fun and fellowship,'' Mills said.

"And how many teams have their own Hooter Girls?''

How many indeed.

The Supa Oldies competed at the Masters Games in Wanganui in 2013 and decided then they would return to New Zealand for the games in Dunedin.

"It is just beautiful to come to this country even though it was a bit cold when we got here.

"Everybody has been just so friendly and helpful. It's great and we do have fun ... and the football is going great. Both teams have had wins and only one loss each, so we are doing really well.''

The Hooters were heading to Forsyth Barr Stadium to support its 50-plus team when the Otago Daily Times made its exit.

"Hopefully, our noise will really sound loud in there.''

Oh Lordy.

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