Rugby: Nonu gets spray-tan after losing bet

All Black Ma'a Nonu may now think twice before committing to a bet with his teammates.

After losing at cards against Cory Jane and Aaron Smith, Nonu was forced to visit a beauty salon in Cardiff to get a spray-tan.

And the whole thing was caught on camera and posted online.

The video starts with Nonu walking down the street on a dreary Wales day. Just before he pushes open the salon door, he asks those watching to wish him luck.

He politely asks the woman behind the desk for a spray-tan, and she, in turn, asks in a thick Welsh accent whether he would like his whole body or just his face tanned.

A newly tanned Ma'a Nonu.
A newly tanned Ma'a Nonu.
Nonu chooses "just the face" and he's taken down into the back of the salon, past a woman getting her hair blow-dried.

"Right, so it's just your face, and you want to be really dark?" the woman asks as she powers up the machine.

Nonu ties up his hair and reluctantly stands in the tanning booth.

"Right, you've got to keep your eyes shut and take a deep breath, okay? Ready?" he's asked as a buzzing spray-tanning gun is pointed at his face.

"Not too dark, okay?" Nonu tells the woman.

And after a countdown from three, the All Black gets sprayed.

Nonu grimaces but is told off because squinting will give him tanning lines.

After getting the "perfect" stamp of approval from the spray-tanner, Nonu asks if it's too dark. He's told that "it's quite brown, actually, it's not orange".

The video cuts to Nonu peering into one of the salon's mirrors to check out the results.

"Aww, no way, that's bloody bronze, man," is Nonu's reaction as the salon staff laugh and the cameraman calls for another layer.

"CJ and Aaron, there you go - I've finished my challenge," says Nonu.

The spray-tan wasn't the first embarrassment for Nonu on the All Blacks' Wales trip - after their match at the weekend, Prince William sprang a surprise visit on the team in their changing room.

Nonu didn't have enough time to get dressed and shook the Prince's hand wearing just a towel.

- Amelia Wade, NZ Herald

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