Best man's speech

The speech of the best man is often the highlight of the toasts, and the ones best remembered are those prepared well in advance.

It should be no longer than from seven to 10 minutes and be a balance of amusing and comments towards the bride and groom.

In planning a speech make a list of the things needed to be included.-
. The first duty is to respond to the bridegroom's toast to the bridesmaids.
. Move on to the bridal couple and how long they have known each other.
. A little about the bride, what she is like and the happiness she has brought to the groom's life.
. A little about the plans they have for their future together. All this should be personal and sincere.
. Now for a funny story (or stories) about the groom. They need to be real; they also need to be of a substance that can be related to a family audience. good funny story should be from 150 to 300 words.
. Move on to the groom's accomplishments and how you perceive his future both in work and in his family life.
. Propose a toast to the couple.

Numerous websites offer great advice. Check them for useful tips.

TIP: Remember to pause and breathe and not gallop through the speech; also refrain from drinking too much alcohol before assuming centre stage.

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