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Christmas Outfits 

A puppy is not just for Christmas, and neither should a new party dress be only for this season (unless you want to go all out for a Mrs Christmas red velvet with white trimmings look). Christmas can be expensive enough without splurging on a mini, sequin-sparkly dress that resembles a disco ball and becomes The Great Mistake. 

Classic Christmas 

In 1926, Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel published a picture of a short, simple black dress in American Vogue and the LBD (Little Black Dress) went on to become a fashion staple. The LBD is today considered to be an essential item as it can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. An LBD is a good investment as there’ll be a wide range of prices and plenty more wear out of it after the Christmas parties have ended. 

Although more associated with winter, velvet is glamorous and perfect for Christmas and cooler evenings. A short-sleeved, red velvet dress would be lovely for Christmas festivities and beyond. Lace is a fashionable fabric this year. The classic shift dress is lovely in lace and this detailing will be seen in cocktail dresses and party clothes. 

Bodycon and bandage 

A bodycon dress is short for “body-conscious” or “body-confidence” and is known for accentuating your curves and clinging to your body. The first bodycon dress is attributed to Hervé Léger in the 1990s. This fashion house was founded in 1985 by designer Hervé Peugnet (1957–2017). That same year, fashion designer Karl Lagerfield told Peugnet that his surname would be too hard for people to pronounce. Lagerfield suggested Léger instead. The bodycon made a big impression in the 90s as loose-fitting frocks were popular and many women felt empowered by wearing a figure-hugging dress instead. Try a clingy bodycon for a Christmas party and show off your curves! 

Bandage dresses are made from a thicker fabric than bodycons. They therefore offer more support, like a thick bandage that appears to be made from individual strips of cloth. Bandage dresses are considered to be a style that is perfect for parties, and versatile for all shapes and sizes. 

Christmas party accessories 

Christmas-themed jewellery can be fun and frivolous. Earrings shaped like Christmas puddings or Santa’s face can be a talking point at a party. Other seasonal jewellery includes Christmas-tree or bauble earrings, reindeer necklaces or silver snowflake hair pins. Try a hairband with reindeer antlers or ones covered in baubles and shiny tinsel. 

A beautiful star necklace is perfect for Christmas, or a tennis bracelet. This is often made from diamonds, and gained its name when tennis star Chris Evert lost her diamond line bracelet during a match. A tennis bracelet would make an elegant gift for someone special. -Gill Towle