Word of Mouth - Kimberley Sharples

Kimberley Sharples Owner of Beauteholic Beauty Studio 


What led you to the beauty industry? 

My journey in the beauty industry began when I was sixteen. I started as an apprentice hairdresser and worked at several salons. I then discovered my passion for the beauty side of things at a salon that offered both hairdressing and beauty services. I took a pre-course to learn more about the beauty field and to confirm my interest. After a few years of study, I became a qualified professional. Now I’m where I am today, running my own studio and achieving my goals. 


What are the main ways you create balance in your life?  

I have been running the studio for a year and a half, and I hope to achieve more balance in my life next year. I knew that I had to work hard for the first couple of years to make the studio and myself successful. I work six days a week now, but I will have a new staff member joining me in December. This will allow me to reduce my client days to four and have one day for business admin. I will also get to enjoy a full weekend off, which I haven’t had since I was sixteen. Working in the beauty industry, weekend work is almost mandatory. 


How do you manage your own health and fitness with a demanding business? 

Sleep is the most important thing for my health. I go to bed at around the same time every night. If I don’t get enough sleep, I tend to get sick and run-down. I also make sure to finish all the important tasks before bed, so I can relax my mind. On my day off, I spend time with my children and my husband, who is my best friend and supporter. I don’t do much fitness, as I haven’t found a way to fit it into my life. I tried to exercise during winter, but it didn’t work out. Maybe I’ll try again in summer. 


What is your beauty regime and are there any products you swear by? 

I have a simple and uncomplicated beauty regime. As a beauty therapist, I don’t believe in using too many products or mixing different brands. I prefer to use less but better products. That’s why I love Bare Roots Skincare, which is the skincare range I have in the studio. It is all about “luxury in simplicity” and it uses organic and environmentally conscious ingredients to resolve skin issues. I use their Gentle Foaming Cleanse, Bamboo Enzyme Peel, and Vita Cream moisturiser regularly. Sometimes I also pamper myself with their natural professional peel, which makes my skin feel amazing. Another product that I swear by is the Whitening Co range, which is a New Zealand-made and owned teeth whitening system. It gives me lasting results without damaging my teeth. It lifts stains away and makes my teeth pearly white. I get them professionally whitened in the studio every six months and use the home care kit every month. 


How would you describe the culture in your beauty studio? 

My studio has a culture of calmness, friendliness, and helpfulness. I offer beauty services that can address any issue related to your appearance or wellbeing. I also provide a listening ear for those who need it. Some of my treatments, like waxing, may cause some discomfort, but my clients find them worth it. They enjoy their time in my studio as a way to relax and recharge before facing their busy lives.