Wedding gift registries

When so many couples marrying today have already set up house together guests often find it difficult sorting out a wedding gift.

Taking away this problem are wedding gift registries which are set up at a gift shop or department store of the couple's preference. With a member of staff they compile a list of gifts they would like and the retail outlet then prints the list and gives out special cards that can be sent with the wedding invitations, announcing where the register is held. It is not good etiquette to mention registries on the actual wedding invitation!

ONLINE Some retail stores run parallel online registries, which are particularly handy for guests and well-wishers living in different towns or countries. Through the website, arrangements can be made to order and pay for the gift, as well as have it sent directly to the bride and groom or the buyer.

The list is preferably drawn up not too far from the time the invitations are sent, as this cuts down the risk of a particular item selling in the meantime. Once an item from the list has been purchased as a gift it is removed from the register to avoid double buying.

Some couples set up their own gift registries that are organised free by special online service providers, some having the option for couples to add gifts from any store anywhere in the world. There are also online-specific New Zealand-based department stores that work by giving couples the ability to share a wedding gift list with friends and family.

TIP: When drawing up a wish list, remember to include gifts that cover every budget to make it easier for guests.

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