Rock the Reception

Once you’ve got the formalities out of the way, the reception is where you can really relax and focus on having a good time with your beloved and guests.

Photobooths, food trucks and dessert bars have all become popular at wedding receptions - and with good reason — over the past few years. They are all great fun and can be customised to suit your taste and theme.

But how about giving these reception ideas a go:


Set some nice couches, floor cushions, squidgy chairs and low tables in a corner of your venue for guests to retreat to when the dancing all becomes a bit much — like a VIP section at your wedding!


You could take the idea one step further by setting up a teepee full of comfy cushions and rugs for even more relaxation.


Or give the bartenders a break and let the guests loose on a cocktail bar. You could create a signature drink for your event and have it pre-mixed in punch bowls or beverage-dispensers; alternatively, the ingredients could be ready-to-go for some mixologist fun!

Oxford Street Caravan. Photo by Acorn Photography.
Oxford Street Caravan. Photo by Acorn Photography.


Something a little bit different — imagine a cute little caravan set up at your wedding, serving gorgeous beverages to your guests.


A guard of sparklers can make a truly memorable wedding exit — just picture all your friends and family sending you off from the reception with blazing sparklers held high!