Alannah ya babe!

Unfortunately we can't claim her as our own, as she only lived in Dunedin for a brief period of time! Alannah Kwant's gorgeous face is popping up all the over place with her modelling for some of NZ's biggest names. I had a brief chat with her about her career thus far.

How old are you and what do you do when you're not modelling?
I am 20 years old. I work part time in a department store but when I'm not there I'm either floating around drinking coffee or laying in bed watching films with my boy and his cat.

Where are you from and where are you currently based?
I grew up in North Canterbury but I'm currently based in Christchurch's port town, Lyttelton.

You were living in Dunedin for a bit, what brought you here?
I was still upset at Christchurch for having an earthquake and Dunedin was the easiest place to relocate to as a 17 year old.

When and why did you leave?
I left part way through 2016 as I couldn't survive another winter. I felt as though I'd exhausted all my opportunities and wanted to go home.

Your modelling career seems to have blown were you discovered?
I feel I wasn't discovered. I worked hard at modelling for 5 years before I found an agency that worked well for me.

Which agency are you with and why?
I signed with Unique at the end of 2016 when I met Ursula at the Stolen Girlfriends Club show in Dunedin.

Who have you modelled for so far?
Recent campaigns I've modelled for are Stolen, Lonely Lingerie, Karen Walker and Ricochet. However, over the course of my career I've done a lot of modelling for friends in the industry who have helped and supported me in furthering my career.

Any exciting campaigns coming up you can tell us about?
I can't spill any secrets but this week I'm travelling to Queenstown and then to Sydney for work.

If you could model for any NZ designer, who would it be and why?
I've already modelled for most of the New Zealand designers I admire, however I'd love to model for Dunedin's Frankie Jansen van Rensburg.

What do you enjoy/dislike most about the modelling industry?
I've met so many incredible people in the fashion industry through modelling and have developed such a nurturing relationship with my agency.

What do you think about the direction the modelling industry is taking, as far as it being more inclusive of age, gender, ethnicity and body type?
Honestly I think the modelling industry still has a long way to go before being inclusive of age, gender, ethnicity and body type. I really admire how Lonely Lingerie work and the steps they are taking to be inclusive and body positive.


Deshabille is not great, it seems to be falling apart. From a cultural point of view, Alannah is head and shoulders above the rest. Think Jean Seberg.

Or don't think Jean Seberg. Makes no difference to NZ women going places.