Lauren x Jess

M.A.C products used to create Jess's look
M.A.C products used to create Jess's look
I first met Lauren Wells in 2012 when she was doing the make-up for a photoshoot I was styling and directing for my old blog (same name, different site). We hit it off right away and have been great pals ever since. As well as being a generally fab human she's also an extremely talented freelance make-up artist, so we've collaborated on loads of shoots over the past five years of friendship. Always honing her skills, she recently did a photoshoot with the gorgeous Jessica Reeves, showcasing not only her make-up skills but also her budding photography ones! 

"I wanted to portray Jess's personality through a portrait to try and capture the juxtaposition of her feminine beauty and her more masculine/tom-boyish side. I made the pink on her eyes and lips super glossy, and the skin matte, as I really wanted this to be picked up on camera and stand-out."

Make-up and photography: Lauren Wells Make-up 

Model: Jessica Reeves


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