Computing opportunity

An Oamaru man who is organising the Multicore World Conference in Auckland this month says multicore computing is an IT opportunity for New Zealand.

Nicolas Erdody believed the country's IT industry could be a world leader in developing new programming techniques to take advantage of a ''huge computing power''.

Multicore is many computer cores, or central processing units, on one chip.

''The technology's complexity, combined with a dearth of well-accepted tools and training options that makes parallel programming such a challenge for developers and computer architects, is exactly the reason we're holding this third conference in New Zealand,'' Mr Erdody said.

The conference is being held at the Auckland University of Technology on February 25 and 26.

Presentations by a range of international speakers would provide knowledge and tools to help IT professionals, government and corporate decision-makers bridge the gap between multicore technology and its applications, Mr Erdody said.

Speakers include Tim Cornwell, architect of the radio telescope project Square Kilometre Array (SKA), Cristina Cifuentes, director of Oracle Labs Australia, Kent Winchell, engineer from the office of the CTP of Cray Inc, and Prof Shaun Hendy of the University of Auckland.

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