Indian fashions proving popular with shoppers

The owners of a new Central Dunedin Indian clothing and jewellery shop are proud to be bringing their culture to the heart of the city.

After noticing a gap in the market for traditional Indian wear in Dunedin, Lucky Singh and his wife Sandeep Kaur decided to open their shop L S Jewels and Outfits.

Mrs Kaur admitted it was just an experiment to begin with.

However, she quickly noticed there was a huge demand in Dunedin for Indian garments and jewellery.

"There was a boom", she said.

"After opening the shop, we got to know how much Indian fashion is popular in here and how much people are liking it."

The shop attracted people from all cultures including Chinese, Thai and African.

About 50% of their customers were Kiwi, she said.

L S Jewels and Outfits owners Lucky Singh (left) and Sandeep Kaur at their central Dunedin shop....
L S Jewels and Outfits owners Lucky Singh (left) and Sandeep Kaur at their central Dunedin shop. PHOTO: PETER MCINTOSH
The couple were proud to be sharing a part of Indian culture with the rest of Dunedin.

The business started as a humble website three years ago only offering jewellery.

However, the couple decided to introduce clothing due to popular demand.

"If anyone comes in looking for outfits, we match the jeweller too so we give them the proper look", Mr Singh said.

The products at the shop were sourced from all over India, including Delhi, Kolkata and Punjab, and covered Punjabi, Bengali and Fijian Indian fashion.

There was something for all occasions and festivals available, including Eid, Holi and Diwali.

Customers could also request clothing they wanted the shop to stock and an in-house alteration service had been set up.