NZ Post couriers stop taking signatures to avoid spread

New Zealand Post is the latest company to introduce strict rules around parcel delivery to avoid physical contact and help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Starting today, drivers will no longer get signatures even on parcels. Drivers will instead knock on the door, then step back two metres (or as far back as safe).

They will wait for the occupant to open the door and - if a signature is required - ask for the recipient's name. They will then leave the parcel in a "sensible place" for the customer to pick up once the driver has left.

If no one comes to the door and there is no Parcel Leave service in place they will leave a card and return the item to the depot as normal. The rules apply to all NZ Post couriers including CourierPost, Pace and Rural Delivery.

For other services physical contact would be as minimal as possible, NZ Post said.

Chief executive David Walsh said while the overall risk of transmission was very low in day-to-day business operations, limiting contact was "the right thing to do" and consistent with Government advice.

"The changes to delivery will help maintain our excellent service performance which is important given more people might choose to get essential items delivered to their homes in the coming weeks."

The changes will be reviewed regularly. Mail delivery will continue as normal.

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