Red Badge loses DVML security contract

A Red Badge security guard walks a pitch invader off the field at an All Blacks test at Forsyth...
A Red Badge security guard walks a pitch invader off the field at an All Blacks test at Forsyth Barr Stadium in 2018. PHOTO: PETER MCINTOSH
The company providing security services at Dunedin City Council-owned venues has lost its contract.

Red Badge Group has held Dunedin Venues Management Ltd’s (DVML) security services contract since 2017 providing the company’s security at its two venues — Forsyth Barr Stadium and the Dunedin Centre.

In April, DVML issued an open tender for the contract.

A DVML spokesman confirmed Red Badge had lost the contract and it was awarded to Platform 4 Group Ltd, effective from August 1.

The Auckland-based company also does security at other New Zealand venues.

Red Badge provided security services at DVML’s sites and its major events including sports matches and concerts.

The DVML spokesman said the tendering process for respondents included site visits, on-site presentations, response evaluation and reference checks.

The company acknowledged Red Badge Group for its service.

The Otago Daily Times put several questions to Red Badge about whether any staff would be laid off as a result and why it had lost the contract.

Red Badge had not responded by yesterday evening.

Platform 4 Group did not respond to a request for comment yesterday either.

Red Badge’s contract expires on July 31.




We need to vote the current Mayor and certain Councillors out in the next Local Body Election, This would have to be the most hypocritical Council I've seen. They've spent goodness knows how much ratepayers money promoting Dunedin and encouraging us to support local businesses but do the exact opposite themselves.

Red Badge Security is a locally owned and operated Company which has more than competently carried out it's contractual obligations to the DCC for the last five years. Now the contract has been awarded to an Auckland based company.

The DCC seems hell-bent on killing off Dunedin businesses, attacking them from all directions.

Not content with not listening to central Dunedin business owners and firing ahead to make George Street as inaccessible as possible, they awarded that street alteration contract to an outside firm. This is only one example among many.

It's time we spoke out and it would seem the only way they're going to realise the error of their ways is to have them removed from governing this city.