Woolworths rolls out body cameras in all stores

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File photo
Woolworths is rolling out body cameras at all its 191 stores this week, as part of staff safety measures.

The supermarket chain trialled the cameras in 17 stores and said staff felt safer and reported the cameras helped de-escalate conflict and abuse from customers.

Woolworths has seen a 75 percent increase in physical assaults and 148 percent increase in "serious reportable events" in the past three years.

The cameras were worn round the neck and only turned on during a security incident, Woolworths New Zealand director of stores Jason Stockill said in a statement.

Staff were required to notify customers before recording.

"Footage will not be released except when requested by police as part of an investigation."

The rollout is part of Woolworths' three year, $45 million programme to add more security measures to stores.

Other measures include walkie talkies and trolley lock systems.

"Every security measure implemented in Woolworths stores complies with New Zealand law including privacy requirements," Stockhill said.