Dunedin poet offers different perspective

RASPBERRY MONEY<br><b>Alison Denham</b><br><i>Sudden Valley Press</i>
RASPBERRY MONEY<br><b>Alison Denham</b><br><i>Sudden Valley Press</i>
Alison Denham lives in Dunedin.

She likes to offer a different perspective on the known world. She looks at things sharply. I like her sense of zoom. Raspberry Money is her second collection of poetry.

''Ghosts of York'':

In York ghosts gather on street corners,
they all know each other; common thief hung,
the Viking-slaughtered, sickly infant and King's
soldier clutching his proud wounds.
They blow the tourists' rubbish from overfull bins.
They fly around Yorkminster's buttresses,
rest like bats under overhanging eaves in the Shambles,
follow an unsuspecting person home, are dispelled
in the time it takes to breathe out.

Denham makes every poem sound half confession, half come-on and an invitation to a world of intimacy and intrigue.

She has the knack, like Kevin Powers, of telling a very real story simply.

- Hamesh Wyatt lives in Bluff. He reads and writes poetry.

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