The Lonely Nude

THE LONELY NUDE<br><b>Emily Dobson</b><br><i>Victoria University Press</i>
THE LONELY NUDE<br><b>Emily Dobson</b><br><i>Victoria University Press</i>
Emily Dobson once worked as a life model.

She appears on the cover of this new book The Lonely Nude.

This slim volume of poems is divided into seven sections.

She explores paralysis and movement, singularity and connectedness, what is necessary and what can be stripped away.

Dobson's debut collection of poems A Box of Bees (VUP, 2005) was an insightful, provocative funny book.

The Lonely Nude is full of elegance and restraint.

I like its sincere and heartfelt notes.

''Life model'':

Before we begin I take off
my clothes, trying to look
nonchalant, like there's nothing
out of the ordinary
about undressing.
Keeping my back to the room I place
my things on the wooden school chair
I've been waiting on. When everyone is ready I go
to the centre.
I do this
because I am good at staying
incredibly still.

Some of these poems can be painful, but there is a sense of soul. Dobson keeps giving the reader fresh, exact detail.

 Hamesh Wyatt lives in Bluff. He reads and writes poetry.

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