A literary detective and the hunt for Jane Eyre

The scribes and illustrators behind the Otago Daily Times have eclectic tastes, Summer Times discovered when it asked staff to contribute some of their favourite reads.

By Jasper Fforde

It's 1985, but not as you know it. The Crimean War shows no sign of ending any time soon, London's criminal gangs have moved into the lucrative literary market and it's up to literary detective Thursday Next to sort things out. Oh, and Jane Eyre has gone missing. It may sound crazy but the Eyre Affair will soon have you thinking there's more to fiction than you know. Jasper Fforde's first Thursday Next novel is a wonderful blend of genres - crime, science fiction, and comedy. I loved the wordplay, the trivia and the eccentricity in this book. It will confuse and amuse you, but give it a shot.


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