Two tales interwoven make one fine story

Crime fiction can be a mixed bag but Connelly is always good and this yarn, one of his earliest, is the best I have read.

THE CONCRETE BLONDE <br> <b> Michael Connelly
THE CONCRETE BLONDE <br> <b> Michael Connelly

A good book is when by page three you are hooked and this one by Connelly certainly does that.

He manages to weave two stories, which are sort of separate but are also connected, throughout the book and keep you guessing.

In Harry Bosch, Connelly has got a hero who is flawed but you can see the way his character shines through.

Just his utter dedication to the job, and his total faith in caring for the victim, no matter who it is.

The good thing about Connelly is that he has not faded. This book is nearly 20 years old and his latest works have been almost as good as this one.

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