I rest my case

Crownies is an Australian television series.

It is full of eager lawyers.

Crownies is an Australian television series full of eager lawyers facing the pressures and moral dilemmas of modern single life.

Crownies is an Australian moral dilemma about young lawyers and big issues in the fast-paced world of dilemmas and issues that are both moral and big.

It starts like this: There is an office, peopled by a group of solicitors fresh from law school, working with Crown prosecutors or "Crownies".

We meet Peter Kowitz, who plays Tony Gillies.

Tony is a hard-bitten, embittered senior lawyer.

Despite being a realist, Tony seeks to give the young idealist lawyers who are the base or perhaps the essence of the show, an understanding of not so much what is "right", but what is "best" in the circumstances.

Some back story: He attended the University of Sydney.

"Drown your sorrows, that's my advice," Tony tells a young lawyer in a broad Australian accent.

"Come on Tony, that's how Simon Grady was murdered," the young lawyer responds in more of a middle, than a broad, Australian accent, as she holds up pictures of Simon Grady covered in blood.

"Wouldn't you want to lock up the bastard that did that?

""Not in the court of public opinion," Tony says after a rather long pause in which I drifted off, thinking mournful thoughts of how much better off and how much more status I might have, and how much more popular I would be and how much bigger my house would be and how much more fabulous my friends and work colleagues would be if I hadn't wasted my youth indulging in pursuits less savoury and often far less legal and morally upright than the study of the legal system.

That thought took a long time, so really there was no correlation between the bit about "locking the bastard up" and "the court of public opinion".

I have always wanted to wear one of those lawyers' wigs and big gowns.

You can't look anything but dead dignified wearing a gown.

I could have been like Richard Stirling (Hamish Michael) in Crownies.

Richard is a genuinely nice guy whose witnesses often fail to show up in court, much to the annoyance of the judge.

Some back story: He originally came from New Zealand and, according to the testamurs on his wall, he graduated from the University of Otago as a bachelor of science before coming to Australia and completing a graduate-level bachelor of laws from the University of Sydney.

Nice story line.

Broken dreams aside, Crownies seems to be quite awful.

Hamish Michael was nominated for a Logie in March.

He didn't win.

- Charles Loughrey.


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