CD reviews: Grizzly Bear

In a recent interview, Grizzly Bear singer Ed Droste mentioned he gives an album at least five listens before forming an opinion on it, his key point being that he often prefers sifting through the layers than being confronted with the obvious.

He and his Brooklyn-based band-mates offer no shortage of deep textures on their fifth studio effort, Painted Ruins, which was recorded by the band's bassist and long-time producer Chris Taylor.

Their first album in years, the follow-up to 2012's intricate Shields is another reminder of the dash and fluidity this quartet wields, from the jazzy drum patterns of Aquarian, to the slinky guitar playing of Cut-out and the dark, propulsive bassline and brooding synth that define lead single Mourning Sound.

Grizzly Bear. Painted Ruins. Sony. 


Single download: Glass Hillside

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