CD reviews: Jesca Hoop

Raised in a Mormon household in California, at one time a nanny for Tom Waits, Jesca Hoop might be best known for her collaboration with Sam Beam (Iron and Wine), yet this fourth solo album work begs for attention.

Produced by long-time guitarist friend Blake Mills (Fiona Apple, Alabama Shakes, John Legend), Memories Are Now covers  plenty of ground, showcasing  Hoop’s husky, powerful voice — and ability with harmony — as it ranges over themes of spirituality (Songs of Old, The Coming). Still, the overall strength of this nine-song jewel is Hoop’s ability, by way of voice and words, to hold the listener in the present.

• Jesca Hoop. Memories Are Now. Sub Pop. 

Four and a half stars (out of five)

Single download: Songs of Old
For those who like: Leonard Cohen, Laura Marling

— Shane Gilchrist

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