Music review: Salad Boys

The second LP from Christchurch's Salad Boys is a pretty appealing go at the kind of indie psych-jangle-pop-rock that otherwise peaked sometime in the late 1980s.

Recorded by bandleader-guitarist Joe Sampson in various places around his hometown, it has a muddy, lowish-fi charm that suits the songs well: the deftly-played angst of the lyrics sitting nicely alongside the more fuzzed-out, upbeat instrumentation.

It's hard not to hear echoes of local bands of yore scattered throughout the obvious Americana and Britpop-inspired stylings, while the percussive wash of guitar in album highlight Divided perhaps hints at a sound closer to their own.

Single download: Divided

For those who like: R.E.M., Sebadoh, The Stone Roses

Salad Boys. This Is Glue. Trouble In Mind. 


 - by Jeremy Quinn


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