Pieces consistently thoughtful

Nadia Reid Reid formed a new relationship with NZTrio and is working on her fourth album. Photo:...
Nadia Reid Reid formed a new relationship with NZTrio and is working on her fourth album. Photo: ALEX LOVELL-SMITH

Nadia Reid & NZTrio
Glenroy Auditorium
July 14


A capacity audience sat in rapt attention as proudly local girl Nadia Reid (who now confesses to having moved to Auckland with her "big fluffy stupid dog") returned to a Dunedin stage.

After a year spent caring for her new child - which she noted as a wonderfully affirming role in these "mad" times - Reid’s voice has matured but seems to have lost its flexibility.

The pieces remain consistently thoughtful, sometimes provocative, always introspective, lyric driven and invariably dour.

In a productive year, Reid has formed a new relationship with NZTrio and has her fourth album in preparation - an accomplishment greeted with enthusiasm by the audience.

The collaboration with NZTrio is a bold new move on all sides.

The combination and the artful music transcriptions by Alex Taylor produced some lovely and successful sound mixes.

There were also instances in which the balance between trio and band inevitably favoured the band.

The slot given to NZTrio’s performance of Clare Cowan’s Subtle Dances - a set of three moody and rhythmically quirky pieces - won immediate and highly appreciative applause from the audience.

Another highlight when Reid was accompanied by NZTrio was Get the Devil Out, where her voice could be heard to best advantage.

Highlight for the band (Sam Taylor, Richie Pickard) and NZTrio accompanying Reid was Call the Days.

Highlight for the introduction of a new sound world was Reid’s Te Aro.

Her continued strength in lyric interpretation was highly appreciated in her piece Who is Protecting Me? and Oh Canada.

After two encores, one from the new album and composed in Tenerife, the audience went home happy.

With sell-out events booked up and down the country, Nadia Reid, NZTrio and band are back up and running.

Looking forward to more new collaborations.