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Sales of bikes have markedly increased recently due to people rediscovering the joy of cycling while on Covid-19 lockdown.
E-bikes haven’t been immune from this phenomenon, with the Dunedin store of New Zealand’s e-bike specialists reporting unprecedented sales.

This growing popularity has led to a shortage of bikes. But if you pre-order now from you’ll receive a store credit of $250 to spend on accessories - including locks, helmets, tubes, chain lube, pumps, etc. It’s a great deal that will get you out on the road or trails as soon as your pre-ordered e-bike arrives.

Available at in Dunedin are e-bikes featuring hub-drives, or mid-drives.

Hub-drives are simpler in both construction and operation, and tend to be either ‘on’ or ‘off’, so it’s harder to control the power output than with a mid-drive. Hub-drives power just the wheel, so there is less wear on the bike’s chain. A major benefit is that they can be faster than mid-drives, with top speeds of up to 40km/h, so they’re especially good for commuting. And most come with throttles, so are great for hill starts and for getting away from the lights quickly.

Mid-drives are easier to control, and so you feel like you are riding the bike, rather than the bike riding you. These e-bikes are better for more technical tracks and trails, and are ideal in traffic as you’re more in control of the speed. Mid-drives can also climb steeper hills using the gears on the bike.

Hub-drives are better from a price perspective, while mid-drives are more intuitive and have a better response to your pedalling.
With the colder weather now upon us, all cyclists should be wary of the conditions. Ice is treacherous, and best avoided. Consider replacing your tyres to ones offering more tread, and get off and walk if the ice is particularly bad.

And dress appropriately for the conditions. Due to the faster movement and wind chill on an e-bike, it’s important to layer up. Wind-proof gloves are a must, and thin hats and ear warmers are ideal. And a wind-proof outer-layer is perfect for really cold mornings.
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