Wait times unaffected by bowel screening and Paediatric Outpatient’s team Wig out!

Paediatric Outpatient’s team Wig out!:
The Dunedin Paediatric Outpatients team got ‘wiggy’ in support of the annual ‘Wig Wednesday event fundraiser!
Wig Wednesday is an annual event that helps raise awareness and support for Child Cancer Foundation and raise funds to support Kiwi kids with cancer.

Bowel Screening:

The introduction of the National Bowel Screening Programme at the Southern DHB in April 2018 has had no effect on waiting times.
Symptomatic patients are not waiting any longer for a colonoscopy, and there has been no change in the percentage of symptomatic referrals accepted.
In the South, 95% of colonoscopies are performed within 45 working days of a positive test result – above the national average. This is especially pleasing as the district has the highest bowel screening participation rate in the country, at 72%.
The screening programme is for those aged 60-74 who are eligible for publicly-funded health care.
Of those who receive a positive test result, statistics indicate about 70% will have non-cancerous polyps and approximately 7% will have bowel cancer.

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