Hole in One Cafe’s date and orange scone

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied
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Makes 20

1.2kg plain flour

50g baking powder

200g granulated sugar

200g softened butter

2 large oranges

300g chopped dates

200ml milk

Egg wash

1 egg yolk

80ml milk


Heat the oven to 180degC. Boil oranges in water for 5 minute, blitz. Set aside to cool.

Place flour, sugar, baking powder in a mixing bowl and rub butter in with your fingers until it resembles a fine breadcrumb texture.

Attach paddle to cake mixer. Add 200ml milk and blitzed orange until combined. Do not over-mix. Add dates, mix.

On a floured surface, roll out mix to 3cm thick and cut into desired shape.

Place on greaseproof paper, egg wash the top of the scones and sprinkle with raw sugar.

Cook for 20 minutes or until golden.

Serve warm with butter or whipped cream.

• Recipe requested by Beverley Adam. Recipe provided by Millbrook Resort’s Hole in One Cafe.

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