On the menu: Uncle Joe's

Cold pressed nut and seed oils from Uncle Joe's in Marlborough can add a different flavour to summer salads and other dishes.

There are walnut and hazelnut oils suggesting the flavours of fresh nuts, as well as a dark, nutty pumpkin seed oil and a zingy mustard seed oil.

Use instead of extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil for a change of flavour.

Try walnut oil in carrot cake or with blue cheese and pears, hazelnut oil with bread, fish or roasted veges, pumpkin seed oil brushed on corn on the cob, or a few drops in scrambled eggs, and the mustard seed oil with steamed greens, fish or in a hearty dressing.


• Mother Earth has brought out an LSA peanut butter - its regular, all-nut butter but with a small proportion of the health food staple linseed, sunflower and almond in it.


• A hot chilli sauce is a standby in any pantry and Wild Appetite's new Hot As! with a gimmicky wick on top, is spicily hot - good as a dip or on the side, but don't go slathering it on your meal unless you are a real chillihead.

There's also Wild As!, which is more chutney-like and not as hot, and Sweet As!, a sweeter chilli-style sauce.


• I enjoyed some red torpedo-shaped shallots recently.

Called banana shallots, although they don't look anything like bananas, they are easier to peel than the regular small orangy ones, but have a similar mild flavour.

Use them as you would onions.

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