Get ready for a celebration

For all its many devotees, every day can be a sauvignon blanc day given its accessibility, affordability and sheer all-around drinkability.

However, if you did need a little bit of a reminder, Friday is officially Sauvignon Blanc Day.

Wineries across the land will be busy on social media, while consumers will be luxuriating in old favourites or discovering new ones.

Marlborough remains the undisputed powerhouse for the variety, but you can revel in wines from across the land. Here’s a few suggestions.




2020 Main Divide North Canterbury sauvignon blanc

Price: $20.99
Rating: Excellent

A waft of fruit jube and
tropical fruit with ripe
gooseberry lurking, time
releases dried herb/grassy
notes, stony minerality and
bonfire smoke. A lovely
brightness to this, zesty,
fresh and crisp, a sweet
fruit core, yet finishing
dry. Nicely balanced and
with a lot of all round
appeal. This is right in the
slot to be enjoyed now.

2020 Villa Maria Earth Garden Organic Marlborough sauvignon blanc

Price: $19.99
Rating: Very good to

Playing in a different flavour
spectrum with green bean,
pea pod citrus and smoke,
with tangy gooseberry
notes evolving. Rich in
texture with hints of pea,
asparagus and red
capsicum in the mouth.
While the fruit is ripe,
there’s a delectable cool
core running through
this. The flavours swell
with a lip-smacking
tanginess on the finish.

2020 Giesen Marlborough sauvignon blanc

Price: $14.99
Rating: Very good to

Subtle, but attractive nose
offering gooseberry, cut
grass and citrus, adding a
sweetly fruited Jelly bean
note with aeration. Starts
off soft and supple before
the acidity races in, giving
this real drive, balanced
by the fruit pastille-like
sweet fruit. This opens up
really nicely, emphasising
the classic gooseberry
and grassy notes with a
lively close. Lots of
appeal at a good price.

2020 Invivo X Sarah Jessica Parker Marlborough sauvignon blanc

Price: $19.99
Rating: Excellent

Vibrant and punchy nose of
sweat, green bean, pea pod
and cut grass. These
characters continue on the
palate, adding tropical fruit
nuances and lime.
Excellent depth of
flavour that fills the
mouth, richly textured
with refreshing acidity
neatly complementing it.
Capsicum and
gooseberry notes grow,
vibrancy here with a long
carry. A rewarding drop.

2019 Domain Road Bannockburn sauvignon blanc

Price: $23
Rating: Very good to

Intriguing nose of crushed
leaf/herbs, florality, a talc-
like sweet fragrance and
white peach. A rush of
acidity gives this a cool
feel, backed by the fruit
sweetness and herbs as
the flavours continue to
build. Develops an
appealingly crunchy
texture with green bean
and citrus notes. This
may diverge from your
typical sav, but offers
complexity and interest.

2020 Hunters Home Block Marlborough sauvignon blanc

Price: $29.90
Rating: Excellent

A smoky nuance, sweat,
green capsicum,
gooseberry and florality.
Racy front palate adding
warm baguette and fruit
jube aspects. Deceptive
power to this, not at all
overstated, with its
creamy texture and
flavour depth filling the
mouth creating good
palate interest and a long
finish. I suspect this will
be equally good as an
aperitif or with food.


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