Oakleys Bathroom Centre shares three big tips to avoid making a poor bathroom renovation decision

Oakley's Bathroom Centre
Oakley's Bathroom Centre
Oakley's Bathroom Centre
Oakley's Bathroom Centre
Oakley's Bathroom Centre
Oakley's Bathroom Centre
Oakley's Bathroom Centre
Oakley's Bathroom Centre
Oakley's Bathroom Centre
Oakley's Bathroom Centre
Oakley's Bathroom Centre
Oakley's Bathroom Centre

Juggling with the idea of a new bathroom? Here are three tips you should keep in mind before making any decisions.

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Tip #1: Take your time:

Not taking your time to thoroughly measure or consult the right people can result in some scary added costs that are totally avoidable.

Tip #2: Water pressure is of critical importance:

If you buy a product without understanding your water pressure you run the risk of that product's performance being heavily reduced.

Tip #3: Watertightness

Watertightness is key in bathrooms and the wrong product for the wrong situation could potentially result in extensive and expensive water damage.

There are other little-known things to consider before forking out money for a bathroom upgrade, so it is important that you have the right people in your corner looking out for you.

"We visited several plumbing showrooms when planning renovations to our home and found that we kept returning to Oakleys as we found a good range of products on display, knowledgeable and friendly service and a willingness to help source all of the extra fittings to achieve the effect we were seeking. We are very happy with the outcome and the help we got in achieving this."
-- David Poulter

From advice on replacing an outdated shower, tapware or bath through to renovating an existing bathroom, or building new, Oakleys will ensure you receive an outstanding result with personalised service.

Just remember: bathrooms sell homes.

Introducing Oakleys.

Oakleys began in Christchurch 135 years ago, servicing the ever-expanding plumbing and bathroom industry, specialising in copper baths, tubs and boilers. Oakleys Southern opened in 2009, becoming Dunedin's only locally owned and operated bathroom and plumbing supplies merchant. Since its early beginnings Oakleys has provided the highest quality bathroom products and plumbing supplies, coupled with intelligent advice and smart service. This commitment lives on at Oakleys Southern today.

One of the things that makes Oakleys stand out is the gorgeous showroom with SEVEN concept bathrooms showcasing a range of styles and world-leading brands. Exclusive products, extensive knowledge and the best service in town make your experience an easy one!

"Our first build was an easy experience. Your staff were very approachable, helpful and patient! They did a superb job offering different ideas and the end result for both bathrooms is stunning. We really didn't know what we wanted, and you designed beautiful bathrooms that are just perfect for us and our needs!"-- Jimmi Anderson

If you'd like to have a look at a few of the options Oakley's has available for you, feel free to visit the website at www.oakleysplumbing.co.nz

You can also visit the showroom at Oakleys Plumbing Supplies Southern Limited
46 Timaru St, Dunedin

Contact details:

Phone: 03 466 3600
Fax: 03 455 0839
Email: showroomdn@oakleysplumbing.co.nz
Website: www.oakleysplumbing.co.nz

Hours Monday to Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday 9am-12noon

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