Watch: Toitū te whenua - Māori place names series

Toitū te whenua - Māori Place Names Series 

Māori place names tell stories of creation, ancestors, explorers and events.

In this video series, we embark on a journey to retrace the footsteps of Māori who explored these lands.

Exploring the history and origins of place names around the Ōtākou region, reporter Ani Ngawhika goes on a journey that has become deeply personal.

Pikirakatahi stands proudly at the head of Whakatipu-wai-māori, the very embodiment of ancient mātauranga. In the second part of our place names series, we go to the source.

The stories of Te Wai Pounamu flow through the  land like water, pathways to history, mātauranga and place.

The many settlements around Otago Harbour were points in a seamless continuum between land and water for mana whenua.

The landscape of Te Waipounamu sustained and shaped its people, who storied it with deeds fantastic, tragic and universal.

The history of Otago Peninsula is written in its names.

A reminder that love is not always enough endures in the landscape at Puketeraki.

Across generations, Māori place names have whispered stories of the past, guiding us to retrace the steps of those who came before us. They are the echoes of our collective memory.