Rebound pushes beyond constraints of convention

Dancers Serena Gallagher and Andrew Shepherd (front) with the Rebound Dance Company. Photo:...
Dancers Serena Gallagher and Andrew Shepherd (front) with the Rebound Dance Company. Photo: Stephen Jaquiery

Born Out Of Curiosity
Mayfair Theatre
Tuesday, September 25

In their debut appearance at Arts Festival Dunedin, Christchurch's Rebound Dance Company present the triple bill - choreographed by the company's three co-founders - Born Out Of Curiosity, writes reviewer Penny Neilson

Penny Neilson
Penny Neilson

Rebound is a vehicle which celebrates the more mature dancer, a dancer who perhaps has passed their prime, but one who has not given up on their love for the art or for performance.

Both Emily Napolitano and Serena Gallagher are particularly inspiring to watch in all three works. The standout piece is the amusing and slightly ridiculous ''Stuffed'' from Andrew Shepard.

The dancers start confined inside one large duvet cover, with a strobe light effect beautifully illuminating the lines created by the mash of bodies inside.

Slowly they emerge and take on their own form. The dancers perform inside the comfort and the confines of duvet covers, the fabric portraying the analogy of constraints, whether they be societal or the limits an aged dancer's body can realistically be pushed to.

Tracy Scott's ''Mor'' opens the programme and delves into motherhood. Exploring further, ''Mor'' highlights that reciprocity is paramount in any relationship, as is connection and trust.

The night ends with Fleur de Thier's ''Tipping the Balance'', which challenges the physical and emotional centre of a person.

Does this company have the bodies of stereotypical dancers, or the range of movement? No, but how old is too old for a dancer to still be performing?

As long as they are physically able they should keep performing; as long as they still find enjoyment and have a love for dance. And they should not apologise for it, either.

Rebound, you have exemplified that you are a company not constrained by convention.


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