Rock meets circus in Bowie show

Stewart Reeve in Rebel. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Stewart Reeve in Rebel. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Regent Theatre
Sunday, October 23


The icon that was David Bowie is a pretty daunting and enigmatic figure to make a show about.

Rebel is a show that celebrates the man, the myth and the music.

For those of us who never had the pleasure of seeing him live in concert, this show brings his music and presence to life in such a wonderfully appreciative way.

Frontman Stewart Reeve does a marvellous display of emulating Bowie with respect and admiration.

Bowie is a music phenomenon - a mammoth personality to even conceive portraying. This never feels like a "tribute" show.

Reeve’s voice and mannerisms echo those of the man himself.

Rebel is a mix of a bloody great rock concert with phenomenal circus acts.

The band members were also the circus performers - such a multi-dimensional and talented crew of people on one stage.

A glorious display of juggling, awe-inspiring silks, dizzying hula hoops that had you thinking at one moment you were watching a poi dance the next a human slinky, a head balancing ukulele playing artist who was also a master with a pole - such control, strength and grace.

Also, there is definitely space in life for more roller-skating swing performers.

Dunedinite Rachel Trainor is the band’s drummer and backing vocalist. Her duet with Reeve for Under Pressure was an absolutely shining moment and the mash-up of Let’s Dance and Magic Dance was pure heaven (particularly for us Labyrinth fans).

There were so many more of Bowie’s songs that could have been included, but this show was sadly only an hour long ... I could’ve watched another hour or five.

I can hold a tune, I used to dance and I used to play instruments, can I please come and join your "Bowie, Circus. Glam rock" crew?