Return to South for honest, family-centred show

Jenny Mitchell. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Jenny Mitchell. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Originally hailing from Gore, award-winning songwriter Jenny Mitchell is returning  to the South to perform as part of the Dunedin Arts Festival.

She is performing at Knox Church on Wednesday and at the Gore Town & Country Club on Thursday. Wyatt Ryder asked her  a few questions.

You’ve brought your twin sisters along to perform as well. How is it performing alongside family?

It sounds cliche but there’s honestly no other humans I’d rather have on stage with me! Being able to share the experience with them is just the best. They’ll be opening the show too. I couldn’t be a prouder big sister if I tried.

What emotions do you hope to stir within an audience?

I guess I’m always hoping that by bringing complete honesty, people will be able to relate to the songs and I hope that the songs about my family will remind them of the loved ones in their life.

Your songs are inspired by love, change and loss. Were there any big events in your life that inspired these songs?

Over the past few years I’ve discovered all the ups and downs that life can jam-pack into a short time. Everything from a relationship ending to losing my grandfather have inspired these stories. Lots of events/experiences that often happen in your early 20s I guess.

What’s your favourite song to perform in this set?

If You Were a Bird.

Aside from Dunedin, you’ll also be playing in Gore, where you’re from originally. How does it feel to be returning home to perform?

This hometown show is particularly special because it’s part of a weekend-long celebration of the Gore Country Music Club’s 50th anniversary. The club was the first place I ever performed and the members are like family to me. It’ll be a weekend full of nostalgic goodness I’m sure!

Have you performed at the Woolshed before?

The venue has changed to the Gore Town & Country Club, which is where the NZ Gold Guitar Awards are held, so I actually grew up singing there!