NSW teachers told to ditch the jandals

Students aren't the only ones being told what to wear at NSW public schools.

Teachers are being ordered to ditch their daggy clothes, as the government introduces the state's first explicit dress code.

More than 70,000 staff are expected to be caught under the dress code, released by the government on Sunday.

"Teachers should not come to school wearing T-shirts, rubber thongs [jandals] or clothes displaying alcohol advertising and we have made this clear in the dress code," Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said in a statement.

He said it was a first for the state and was the latest element of the government's plan to boost the "status" of the teaching profession.

"Wearing appropriate dress helps teachers maintain respect and credibility with students, parents and the broader community.

"Obviously, what a teacher might wear for sports events or metal work is different to what is required for parent-teacher interviews or an end-of-year awards ceremony.

"For such occasions a suit and tie, or trousers and jacket, is more suitable."

The new code will take effect at the beginning of term two this year.

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