Tables turned on vinyl thief after $60k spree

Stock photo: Getty
Stock photo: Getty
A Melbourne music collector has been needled after stealing more than $A60,000 ($NZ65,000) worth of vinyl records.

The 33-year-old North Melbourne man visited CBD electronic stores at least 13 times over the past four months and allegedly made off with a handful of LP records, police said.

Unique or popular LPs can sell for hundreds of dollars and often appreciate in value over time, especially when unopened or in mint condition.

After identifying the record thief through CCTV footage, officers and store staff worked together to catch him in the act at a store on La Trobe St on Wednesday.

More than 400 records were seized in a subsequent raid on his North Melbourne home, along with a small amount of heroin and marijuana.

The man is expected to be charged on summons, with investigators still determining if record thefts in nearby suburbs are linked.