Ducks culled as bird flu spreads in Victoria

Bird flu has been detected at a sixth Victorian farm which was already in quarantine.

The case of Avian influenza (H7N3) was confirmed at a property in the Golden Plains Shire, 200km southwest of Melbourne, Agriculture Victoria said on Thursday.

All ducks at the property will be culled under veterinary supervision, with the site cleaned and cleared of the infection.

The duck farm, which is in the current Restricted Area, produces commercial eggs and meat.

Victoria's Chief Veterinary Officer Graeme Cooke said the detection isn't wholly unexpected due to the farm's proximity to other impacted sites.

"We have established Restricted and Control Areas in proximity to existing IPs which has assisted us in limiting the spread and quickly detecting the sixth IP through comprehensive surveillance activities," Dr Cooke said.

"It's a difficult time for our farmers and we're making sure mental health support is available and eligible producers can access compensation."

Avian influenza is a viral disease of birds and is found across the globe.

Five other Victorian poultry farms have been infected, and 500,000 birds have been euthanised at Meredith and Terang farms operated by Avgo and Surf Coast Eggs Farms.

The avian influenza virus can survive for long periods in droppings, respiratory secretions, water, feathers, eggs and meat.