Class Act 2023: St Kevin’s College

Shreysh Adhikari


How the body works and why it works that way is something that has always fascinated Shreysh Adhikari.

The St Kevin’s College head boy is aiming to study medicine at the University of Otago and has a dream of creating his own charity organisation.

The Nepalese-born 17-year-old would like to travel worldwide and provide medical aid to those who cannot afford it.

He has a great sense of justice and wants to support minority communities.

"A doctor is someone who is constantly learning new things and in a variety of situations.

"[As a doctor] ... I think a greater representation of minorities in the community would provide minority groups with more comfort and support from someone they can relate to culturally".

Shreysh has excellence endorsements in science and was first equal in food and nutrition. He has also been studying chemistry, biology and physics to prepare for health science.

For the past two years, he has been working in a pharmacy to broaden his understanding of medical management.

"[It] has allowed me to have insight into what the healthcare system is like and how health is such an important factor in people’s everyday lives".

He is an active athlete, playing both basketball and football.

Working to gain his Duke of Edinburgh awards and participating on an Outward Bound course have given him a better understanding of others.

"I always try to put myself in someone else’s shoes and understand what they are going through".


Achievements: Head boy (2023); Waitaki District Youth Council deputy chairperson (2023); St Kevin’s College SADD leader (2022-23); NCEA level 1 and 2 endorsed with excellence (2021-22); St Kevin’s College 1st basketball captain (2023); St Kevin’s College junior 1st captain (2020); diligence award (2019, 2020); service award, bronze (2022), silver (2023); Duke of Edinburgh silver (2023); scripture 
reading, highly commended (2022); service to mathematics certificate (2021); Outward Bound scholarship (2023); SKC 1st basketball (2021-23); SKC 1st XI football (2022-23); SKC junior 1st V basketball (2020); SKC basketball most improved player 1st V male (2021); SKC basketball first equal best all-round junior male MVP (2020); North Otago U15 basketball squad (2020); Football Waitaki U15 squad (2019); Waitaki Youth Council member (2022-23); peer support (2023).
Role models: My parents. They came to New Zealand with little English and my dad managed to complete a university degree and become a lab technician and my mum is a caregiver and they both take great care of my sister and me.
Hopes for the future: To become a doctor and create a medical charity organisation. 


Mackenzie Klemick


Mackenzie Klemick was awarded a poetry medal at the age of 11, and has never looked back.

The 17-year-old St Kevin’s College head girl has always had a passion for writing.

She even found ways to make her English internals at school about poetry writing and extend the time she got to write.

Mackenzie was first in class for English in year 10, receiving the Allan and Cambridge cups for English.

"I have a real passion for writing, I’ve always loved it.

"My friends know that because they always ask me to share them with them."

Family and friendship mean a lot to her. The young aspiring writer was born in Invercargill, moved to Cromwell, then lived in Australia from the ages of 8 to 10, before moving back to New Zealand.

She credits the relocations with helping her improve her social skills and appreciates the devotion her parents have shown her and her brother.

"My Dad flies in and out, he still works in Australia. My Mum is here. It’s hard — the distance and us kids at boarding school — she’s made a lot of sacrifices for us, which we have always been super grateful for".

Perseverance and service are two things Mackenzie believes have helped towards her writing goals.

She has more than 50 hours of volunteering at her school, working towards her gold school service award, and volunteers once a week at the Salvation Army as well as coaching social basketball.

Next year, she plans to study English and sociology at the University of Otago.


Achievements: Head girl (2023); NCEA level 1 excellence endorsement in English, religious studies, history and design and merit  endorsements in mathematics with statistics and science (2021); NCEA level 2 excellence endorsements in English, religious studies and merit endorsements in visual arts, mathematics with statistics and history (2022); top academic student of the year-aggregate for level 
1 (2021); board of trustees student representative (2022, 2023); St Kevin’s junior girls social basketball coach (2022, 2023); school service award, bronze (2020), silver (2021), gold (2022); Duke of Edinburgh Award, bronze (2021), silver (2022); piano grade three exams (2022); Outward Bound scholarship (2023); award for first in class for English year 10, level 1 and 2, Allan Cup (2020); Grade A in  Cambridge English (2020); award for first in class for history level 1 and 2 (2021-22); award for first in class for design year 10 and level 2 (2020); award for first in class for mathematics with statistics level 1 and 2 (2021-22); award for first in religious studies (2020); St Kevin’s netball, intermediate A (2020), senior A (2022, 2023); St Kevin’s senior girls basketball team top 5 (2021-2023).
Role model: My older brother Jacob.
Hopes for the future: To be a journalist or work in human resources.