$300,000 upgraded road to be assessed

John Jarvis.
John Jarvis.
The uneven road surface on State Highway 88 between Dunedin and Ravensbourne is to be assessed by the New Zealand Transport Agency, which just spent $300,000 upgrading it.

Work to resurface the highway, from 100m east of the Parry St roundabout to the Ravensdown fertiliser works, was completed before Christmas.

But some undulation in the road surface was to be examined by NZTA staff and contractors.

NZTA senior network manager for Otago John Jarvis said the project was subject to maintenance.

''If there are any problems, they'll get attended to,'' he said.

The edge of the new seal was slightly uneven, particularly on the harbour side, but where it joined the old seal was quite visible and should not catch motorists out, Mr Jarvis said.

''We're going to have a closer look at that, because the road in general through there does undulate a little bit. There's a bit of slumping with the footpath and the road.''

He said manhole covers made it difficult to achieve a completely level surface, as did the nature of the road previously.

Contractors dropped the level of the road where possible to separate it from the footpath, and also applied reflective paint along the road edge to make it more visible.

Mr Jarvis said despite undulations in the road, it was ''a lot, lot better'' than before the resurfacing work.


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