Best of YouTube: Dunedin Highway Patrol

If you're going to dream, dream big.

Now we have no idea who YouTube user Rob d is, but now he's set himself himself up as the totally badass Glenross Protection Squad, we can only salute him.

For most kids who grew up in the 1970s, riding round on Raleigh 20s pretending to be in the California Highway Patrol took up most of your spare time.   

But Rob has gone totally next-level. Not only does he patrol the street of Dunedin's Glenross suburb on his motorbike, but he films his awesomeness and sets it to music. 

Jon and Ponch would be proud.

It's always amazing to find out just how seriously some people are into their hobbies. Here's 11 minutes of paintball from the Southern Series 1 paintball tournament in Dunedin.

Boy racers are so much cuter when they're scale-model size. An intense duel out at the Victoria Road remote control car track.

Skaters. What's not to love? If you want to go straight to the bit when the kid's board flips up and he gets a bleeding nose, click here. But the whole video is worth a watch,  beautifully edited and makes Dunedin look like a cool city.

Miss The Chills at the Botanic Garden? Want to see some people 'dancing'. Not the longest clip but it gives a flavour of what was a great day.

Who doesn't love penguins? But you can't be bothered to go and see them right?. Thank goodness for tourists

Guy rides an electric bike up Baldwin St. Although we would argue with the description as 'arguably the steepest st in world.' Didn't you read the sign at the bottom? There's no arguably involved.

Disclaimer: Although the headline says this is the best of YouTube it's actually just a random collection of recently posted Dunedin clips.

If you want to feature in what we hope will be a regular roundup, please email us a link to your clip at We guarantee to boost your views!




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