BMX on the back burner

The Outram Charitable Trust project to build a BMX track has been put on hold as its focus shifts to horses.

The reason the project stalled was revealed at the Mosgiel Taieri Community Board meeting in Mosgiel last week.

In a letter to the board, trust chairman Greg McSkimming said the BMX project was postponed because the trust was focusing its ''resources'' on the hosting of the 2015 Cavalcade in Outram.

The board was concerned over the announcement because it had given the trust a grant towards building the BMX track in Outram.

Board member Cr Kate Wilson said the funding was ''tagged'' and had to be spent on the BMX track project.

It could not be transferred to another project.

Board chairman Bill Feather said the board needed reassurance the money would be used for its intended purpose.

Mr McSkimming told the Taieri Times on Thursday the grant of about $5000 would be used to build a BMX track.

The ''resources'' mentioned in the letter was a reference to human resources and not monetary resources, Mr McSkimming said.

The board intended to continue the BMX track project, when the trust had the time and resources, which Mr McSkimming forecast would be in spring next year.

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