Call soon for outpatients building proposals

The latest concept design image for the new Dunedin Hospital buildings, supplied by the...
The latest concept design image for the new Dunedin Hospital buildings, supplied by the Government late last year. IMAGE: SUPPLIED
The Ministry of Health will next month call for proposals to build the outpatients building in the new Dunedin Hospital.

Yesterday, it posted an early notice on the government tender website to advise interested parties that it would issue a request for proposal in September.

Three contracts relating to the building will be let: the main contractor, the structural steel contractor, and the provision of the outpatient building facade.

‘‘Demolition, land clearance and inground works (inclusive of piling) have been procured separately and are out of scope of this opportunity,’’ documents said.

‘‘Select major medical equipment, furniture, fixtures and equipment and information and communications technology infrastructure are likely to also be out of scope.’’

An indicative timeline suggested a preferred main contractor would be approved by December, and the contract for the work would be negotiated in January and confirmed in April.

The structural steel and facade contractors were expected to be approved by January.

The detailed design, which the contractors would have to follow, was scheduled to be finished by early March.

New drawings of the outpatient building for the new Dunedin Hospital were released last week, which the project’s programme director, Mike Barnes, said gave the clearest impression yet of what the finished five-storey building would look like.

It is planned to open in January 2025, and will include facilities for clinics, day procedures and non-urgent radiology.

A fortnight ago, the ministry announced transtasman construction firm CPB was its preferred respondent for a pre-construction contract for the larger inpatient building.

That agreement did not mean that CPB, which built the new Christchurch hospital, was assured of being the final contractor for any work.

The overall budget for the entire hospital project is $1.47billion.


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