Catching the waves

Dunedin surf breaks are to feature in the latest video of New Zealand's best surfers and their favourite locations, which will be available to millions through the internet.

Maz Quinn, Bobby Hansen, Matt Scorringe and Luke Cederman spent a week surfing Dunedin's coastline recently for a film by Gisborne producer Damon Meade.

The film, titled Under the Weather, would be finished next month and available free to view on the internet, Mr Meade said.

He made the film to show the calibre of New Zealand surfing, and said it would work to promote the country as a surfing destination.

"Dunedin, on the whole, is really, really good for surfing. It has some of the best surf in the whole country.

"Dunedin's coastline is a big area with lots of different beaches facing in different directions and it is definitely one of the best places for wave quality in New Zealand," Mr Meade said.

The group experienced good swells and weather while in Otago, where they also spent five days surfing and filming around the Catlins.

The water was a lot colder than the North Island surfers were used to, but beaches were typically less crowded.

His film would include footage of top New Zealand surfers at locations from the far north to the deep south.

"I wanted to showcase the level of surfing in this country. We have some internationally ranked surfers and the idea is to get the message out there for the world to see," Mr Meade said.

A preview of the film can be viewed on Mr Meade's website


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