City handed a bouquet

Vibrant figures offer flowers to Dunedin on a new piece of Vogel St art.

Dunedin artist Hugo van Dorsser (23) spent from December 30 to January 1 equipped with acrylic paint and spray cans creating the colourful scene under the Jetty St overbridge.

It was his largest work so far, and showed a morphed, multi-headed figure handing a bunch of flowers to the city.

"It’s a sense of me giving back a beautiful thing to this amazing city I’ve been lucky enough to live in the past couple years and to the amazing people I’ve met."

The piece was commissioned through Dunedin Street Art and with the help of the Screaming Rooster gallery.

"I’ve been exploring a style that has a lot of different meanings in one piece. I don’t know what I’d call it yet, but colours are very important to me."

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