Climate change discussion

Photo: Linda Robertson
Photo: Linda Robertson
University of Canterbury Associate Prof  of political science Bronwyn Hayward speaks about her new book Sea Change: Climate politics and New Zealand at Opoho Presbyterian Church yesterday afternoon.

The  minister, the Rev Margaret Garland, said there was a "real buzz" at the end of the event, attended by about 80 people. Prof Hayward’s speech touched on the impact of climate change on the Otago coastline.

It was followed by a panel discussion featuring four speakers discussing climate change from the perspectives of theology (Peter Matheson), the arts (Bridie Lonie), the city (Maureen Howard), as well as Henrik Moller’s personal climate change journey, including his enthusiasm for electric vehicles, Ms Garland said.

"There’s a greater understanding that [climate change] is not just about carbon emissions, but about fairness for all and justice for all."

The event was preceded by a morning service focusing on the role of church communities in tackling climate change.

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