Cold, dark night for some after power cut

Danica Davies sent these pictures after wind blew over a tree which took out power lines on...
Danica Davies sent these pictures after wind blew over a tree which took out power lines on Woodside Rd near Outram about 3pm yesterday.

Power has been restored to Outram this morning after residents were left in the cold and dark overnight following an outage in the township caused by yesterday's wild weather.

However, people living on Mt Cargill Rd are enduring a longer wait, as power is still out there, a resident reported around 1.20pm.

Many areas in the South experienced outages yesterday, with Outram and Waldronville among the hardest hit.

Outram resident Angela Young told ODT Online in an email early today.''It's 2am, freezing cold and still no power!'' she said.

Another resident, Benadette Hay, said her family managed to cope fairly well with the cut, which occurred about 3.30pm.

''We had plenty of candles ... and a coal range so business went on as usual. Lovely hot butter popcorn for afternoon tea and home made burgers for tea all cooked on the coal range.''

She said workmen were at the power pole outside later in the evening.

''They said they still hadn't been able to locate the fault and it was going to be a daylight job.''

Waldronville resident Gary Heaven said power was still out in Friendship Drive early this morning, and he was ''very pleased to have had a fire and gas hob overnight''.

He advised that the road between Waldronville and Green Island was still closed as at 7.15am.

Power was restored to Outram about 10.30am.

Meanwhile, MetService is predicting more miserable weather in the South today.

It says a ''significant cold outbreak'' is expected from this afternoon through to tomorrow morning.

This will be accompanied by gale-force south to southwest winds up to 120kmh in places.

Snow is expected to near sea level over parts of Southland and South Otago, including Dunedin with 10 to 15cm possibly accumulating above 300m, especially about the Catlins and lesser amounts down to 100 to 200 metres.






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