Complaints over Mosgiel water

It seems some Mosgiel residents cannot stomach the taste of the town’s new water supply and 38 official complaints have been made since the source of supply was changed late last year.

In December, the Dunedin City Council switched the town’s water supply from a bore water system to the city supply via the Mt Grand treatment plant, because of the potential for contamination.

At the time of the switch, many Mosgiel residents vented their frustration on social media about being supplied with chlorinated and fluoridated water without any consultation.

Council group manager 3 Waters Tom Dyer said the two main issues raised in the complaints were water quality and a lack of consultation.In general residents had understood the reasons for the change, Mr Dyer said.

Council staff were investigating the feasibility of chlorinating the bore water so the supply could be switched back.

A report would be presented to the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board at its first meeting for the year on February 7.

Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board chairwoman Sarah Nitis said in an ideal world  the option would have been presented before the changeover but she understood the position the council was in.

"I can understand the council’s decision they had to mitigate the risk as quickly as they could ... they were in a difficult predicament."

Mrs Nitis said the 38 complaints were fewer than she expected.

Because of the New Year break,  no further  residents had contacted  her or the board about the issue but she thought people in Mosgiel would be eager to hear what the report contained. 

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