Cider-fuelled spit-fest: 'I have Aids and I'm going to spit on you'

A woman who went on a cider-fuelled spit-fest at a Dunedin police station has been ordered to undertake counselling.

Angela Marie Robertson (35) faced two charges of attempting to infect police officers with hepatitis C, which carry a potential jail term of up to seven years.

But those charges were withdrawn by the Crown at the Dunedin District Court yesterday.

Robertson pleaded guilty to two counts of assaulting police and one of wilful damage.

The incident originated at the woman's Wakari home at 2.40am on March 25.

She had broken her front door and was in a "very intoxicated" state, a summary of facts said.

In court yesterday, Robertson admitted she should not have been drinking because of her liver problems but claimed only to have had "a couple".

Judge Michael Crosbie asked her what her drink of choice had been.

"Cider," she said.

"Ah, scrumpy," he replied.

The situation deteriorated significantly at the Dunedin Central station where officers processed her.

"The defendant was belligerent, abusive and bleeding from her right little finger," the court heard.

But Robertson shunned any offers of help.

Her abuse of police continued to the point where officers tried to restrain her.

The defendant told a sergeant: "I have Aids and I'm going to spit at you."

She followed through on the threat but the officer was able to avoid the flying phlegm.

Once in a cell, Robertson continued to play up, removing her trousers and tying them around her neck.

A constable went in to dissuade her from such actions and was also told he would be spat on and infected.

This time the spittle found its mark, landing on the victim's arm.

The court heard Robertson had paid for the damage to the door and so no reparation was ordered.

Judge Crosbie sentenced the woman to nine months' supervision - a rehabilitative sentence aimed at addressing her issues.

He asked her to put herself in the shoes of the officers who had to deal with her that day.