Arrests, serious injury after snooping trio caught on camera

A group of people wandering around a stranger’s property in Dunedin led to a two-hour manhunt and ended with one alleged offender seriously injured.

Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond, of Dunedin, said three people were snapped on camera poking around a property in Mornington at 2.28am on Saturday.

A neighbour of the property came out to confront the group but as she approached the trio, one of them, a 27-year-old woman, punched her in the face before fleeing.

Her two accomplices, both 46-year-old men, also took off from the property.  

Police were called and the woman was found a short time later in English Ave, Mornington, where she was arrested.

Police deployed the dog squad who found one of the men, who was arrested as well.

The second man fled on foot and likely injured himself while evading police.

He managed to get away until he was spotted crawling along the ground to his vehicle parked in English Ave, right to where officers were waiting for him.

The man was taken to Dunedin Hospital with serious injuries.